The purpose of the Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors Association is to foster a professional relationship among its members for the improvement of public library services, programs, and procedures.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolbox

In 2020 a group of Library Administrators from Nassau and Suffolk County came together to address the issue of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Libraries. Together they created this toolbox to empower libraries to give employees access to equal opportunities, no matter who they are, where they're from, or how they identify. Their shared goal is to educate, engage and create policies and procedures for staff, trustees, and patrons to make libraries truly a place where everyone belongs.This toolbox provides the necessary framework to create policy, educate staff & trustees, and provides resources to help recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

We know we do not have all the answers, but it is our hope that this toolbox will inspire conversation and engender change within libraries and the communities they serve. It is imperative that we create a more diverse and equitable work environment, not only to inspire but to help individuals articulate with clarity and purpose why all libraries must work to be agents of change in creating a space where everyone truly belongs.

Diversity in Libraries Cross County Committee: Member Library Directors of Nassau County (MLD) & Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors Association (PLDA)

The following information is for public library directors and trustees who are creating, implementing, or amending policies related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their library. We advise that you always consult with legal counsel before adopting any new policies.


Statement on Racism

June 2020

The Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors’ Association (PLDA) stands firmly with our Black colleagues, community members, and all People of Color. We stand with the American Library Association (ALA), New York Library Association (NYLA) and other Library professional organizations in condemning xenophobia, racism, and violence towards Black people and all People of Color. We condemn the murders of George Floyd and countless others who are the victims of the systemic racism and systematic social injustice which has plagued our country for far too long.

​It is no longer enough for Libraries to remain neutral to all points of view. For Libraries to truly advocate for and commit to intellectual freedom and the charge of providing full access to knowledge to all members of our communities regardless of race, color, nation of origin, religion, age, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation, we as Library administrators must stand up for those in our communities who are treated as less than. We must be agents of change.

We must provide a platform for the works of Black writers and artists. We must educate ourselves to understand and advocate for the diverse communities we serve. We must encourage People of Color to enter our field and hire them when they do. We must commit to speaking out against untruths and misinformation. We must call out “fake news” which only seeks to stoke the fires of division, racism and hate.

In 2018, the American Library Association (ALA) passed a resolution apologizing to African Americans for the wrongs committed against them in segregated public libraries. The governing council of ALA at that time commended the bravery and courage of those who risked their lives to challenge segregation and “for forcing libraries to live up to the rhetoric of their ideals.”

We must commit to “do better.” We must live up to the rhetoric of our ideals.


Kelly A. Harris, President and the Suffolk County PLDA Executive Board

Statement on Banning of Book Displays

June 2022

The Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors’ Association (PLDA) stands firmly in agreement with the American Library Association’s Statement Regarding Censorship that reads, “We stand opposed to censorship and any effort to coerce belief, suppress opinion, or punish those whose expression does not conform to what is deemed to be orthodox in history, politics, or belief. The unfettering exchange of ideas is essential to the preservation of a free and democratic society.”

PLDA also stands in agreement with the New York Library Association (NYLA) Statement on Intellectual Freedom and in its condemnation of the Smithtown Library Board of Trustees’ resolution on June 21, 2022 “to remove all Pride displays, in addition to removing all books of the same subject on display from all Children’s sections in all Smithtown Library buildings.”

PLDA believes that this action discriminates against library patrons and employees who are part of the LGBTQIA+ communities. These communities have equal rights to find materials they want on public library shelves and materials highlighted in library displays. Public libraries are meant to support each individual’s freedom to choose what they want to read without anyone (including library boards) censoring books or restricting the patron’s right to select materials they want to read.

PLDA is committed to supporting public libraries that meet the information needs of all diverse individuals and families of every background, belief and identity and understand that representation matters. For a child to see themselves or a family that looks like their family in a display gives that child a sense of pride in who they are. It shows that young patron that they are accepted, celebrated and loved. It solidifies for that child that libraries are safe spaces and that libraries are for everyone.


Jennifer T. Fowler, President and the Suffolk County PLDA Executive Board

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Scholarship

PLDA EDI Scholarship

The Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors Association (PLDA) affirms its commitment to diversity and inclusion by offering a $5,000 scholarship to two eligible applicants. The PLDA EDI scholarship focuses on increasing the recruitment and retention of a new generation of racially and ethnically diverse librarians in the library profession.

Eligibility & Preference

Graduate students who identify as American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern/North African and/or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander.

Currently enrolled or attending (full/part-time status) an ALA-accredited graduate program in Library and Information Studies or an AASL-recognized School Library Media Program.

Preference will be given to Suffolk County residents or outside residents employed by a Suffolk County Library.

Application with complete requirements and details are available for download. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

Application submissions will be accepted from October 1 – October 31, 2023.

2022 Winner - Tia Johnson, Brentwood Public Library



Terry Lucas

Shelter Island Public Library


Vice President:

Janet Scherer

South Huntington Public Library



Nancy Evans

West Babylon Public Library



Marcie Litjens

Center Moriches Free Public Library



Members of Suffolk County PLDA presenting a $5,000 check to the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC at the 2024 Annual Banquet in Albany.​

Suffolk County Library administrators and staff meet with legislators in Albany on February 8, 2024.

Members of Suffolk County PLDA presenting a $5,000 check to the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC at the 2023 Annual Banquet in Albany.​

2022 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Winner, Tia Johnson pictured with Jennifer Fowler, PLDA President and Tom Tarantowicz, Director of Brentwood Public Library.

December 2022.

Members of Suffolk County PLDA presenting a $5,000 check to the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC at the 2019 Annual Banquet in Albany.​

Group photo of attendees of the 2019 Empire State Fundraiser​.

September 26, 2019.



  • Member Library Director’s Association is formed.
  • James M. O’Brien from Half Hollow Hills Library is selected Chairperson.
  • Stanley Ransom from Huntington Public Library is selected as Assistant Chairperson.
  • Elizabeth Overton from Riverhead Free Library is selected as Secretary.
  • Other members of the Executive Committee are assigned responsibility for various advisory committees: Adult Services, Elaine Phipps (Patchogue); and Children’s Services, Margaret Small (Bellport).
  • A “Code of Procedures” is adopted.


  • Dick Lusak is elected President of the Director’s Association
  • Paul Cirino is elected Vice President
  • Stanley Ransom is elected Secretary


  • Paul Cirino is elected President of the Director’s Association
  • The Association Constitution is amended several times this year
  • Mr. Lusak proposes that the Director’s Association send all official minutes of the meetings to all Board Trustees of all member libraries. The motion carried 16 to 0 with 1 abstention


  • Victoria Wallace is the new Chair of the Director’s Association
  • A motion is made by R. Lusak and seconded by C.G.Donnelly, and the Executive Committee unanimously agreed, that the Constitution be changed to read that all meetings of the Director’s Association be chaired by the Chairperson of the Association and not alternately with the System Director. This motion will be voted on at a general meeting of the Association
  • A Special Meeting of the Executive Committee was called on March 20, 1972 at which they decide to oppose legislation already passed by the legislature and sent to the Governor (Rockefeller) for signature which adds the words “School District Libraries” amending the Civil Service Law (if passed this would place all supervisory personnel in the “unclassified area”)


  • At the January 10th meeting of the Director’s Association, Myron Roochvarg is elected as Chair, D. Carter is Vice Chair, P Abramov is secretary.


  • In January, E. DiMattia is elected Chair, P . Abramov is Vice Chair


  • The Chairperson for this year is Elizabeth Overton


  • Miss Phipps from Patchogue-Medford Library is the new chair of the Association
  • A special meeting of the Director’s Association is called for July 14 to meet the new SCLS Director, Robert N. Sheridan
  • A discussion is held about the role of the Director’s Association representative that will be seated at the SCLS Board of Trustee’s meetings. This person is to be called a “resource person”. This representative shall report on MOTIONS of the Director’s Association and his/her other expressed opinions are ONLY personal.
  • At the December meeting of PLDA, Richard Lusak from Comsewogue Library is named chair of the committee reviewing the restructuring of the Association.


  • This year the Chair is John Clark (Bayshore-Brightwaters Library), Vice Chair is Vicky Wallace, Secretary is Lyn Ashe, Treasurer is Leon Crain.
  • Miss Phipps reports on the SCLS reorganized Board, and names the new officers. In February, it is noted that there have been many meetings of the SCLS Board and they have yet to approve the seating of the representative from the Director’s Association.
  • At the April meeting there is much discussion of the restructuring of the Association: who should be in which zones, how often should they meet, how firmly should zone meetings be “spelled out”, how long should a term on the Board last.
  • At the May meeting, the Association is formally restructured by a vote of 29 “yes” to 8 “no”. New officers are: John Clark, Vicky Wallace, Ken French, and Nancy Flanders.
  • On Sept. 28 1977, John Clark, President of the Association, sends a letter to the President of the SCLS Board saying that the Association “wishes to withdraw its request for seating a representative with the SCLS Board of Trustees.”
  • Association members approve a name change from Administrator’s Association to Public Libraries Director’s Association. Incorporation is in progress.
  • At the December meeting there is a discussion as to whether the System Director should automatically be a member of each committee of the Association. It is agreed to refer the matter to the zones for discussion.


  • John Clark (et al) carries over as officer in the new year.
  • It is suggested that the executive committee form a Civil Services Committee and an Inter Library Loan Committee.
  • In June, the Constitution Committee under Dick Lusak, is reconvened to consider amendments or clarifications for consideration by the entire membership
  • At the November Executive Board Meeting, the amended constitution is accepted and is put on the agenda for the Annual Meeting of the members.


  • The officers for this year are: President, Victoria Wallace; Vice President, Ken French; Treasurer Alice Rosenfeld; Secretary, Nancy Flanders; and zone reps: Silva Lee from Huntington Town, Toby Hyman from Islip Town, Dick Lusak from Brookhaven Town, and Fran Balsam from the East End.
  • By the March 16 meeting, 40 directors have joined the Association.
  • On November 30 1979, the Certificate of Incorporation for PLDA is filed with New York State; the attorney is Edward Lundstedt.


  • Officers for the year are: President, Ken French (PJ); Vice President, Joan Zaleski (Connetquot); Treasurer, Frances Balsam(Hampton Bays); and Alice Rosenfeld (Mattituck), Secretary. Myron Roochvarg is on the Executive Committee for the Civil Service sub-committee, and Bob Verbesey, for the sub-committee on Reciprocal Borrowing. Then there are the representatives for the 5 zones.
  • Jerry Nichols is introduced in March as the new rep from Zone 5. 45 directors have become members by that month. A new statistical survey is being planned, this is a co-operative effort with SCLA.
  • A “Joint Statement of Cooperation” (between the SCLS Board of Trustees and PLDA) is adopted by the SCLS Board 7 to 2.
  • At the May meeting of PLDA, Bob Verbesey makes a motion to reject the proposed Joint Statement. This motion failed to receive a second.
  • The “Joint Statement of Cooperation” comes to a vote at the June 9 meeting of the Executive Committee. It is accepted by 4, rejected by 1, with 2 abstentions. It then comes to a vote at a general membership meeting and is accepted by 25, rejected by 2, with 1 abstention.


  • PLDA President this year is Joan Zaleski (Connetquot); Vice President, Victoria Wallace (Northport); Treasurer, Peter Gillard (Smithtown); and Secretary, Ken French (Port Jefferson). Zone reps are 1. Lyne Ashe, 2. Bob Verbesey, 3. Myron Roochvarg, 4. John Clark, 5. vacant.
  • At the January meeting there is much discussion of the organization of the association and the various topics of discord: for whom does a Director speak or vote at meetings? Who gets to sit on the Civil Service Committee and how are decisions made about Civil Service? What is the relationship to the SCLS Board? When should the SCLS Board go into executive session?
  • By the February meeting, there are only 33 Directors having joined or renewed membership.
  • A general membership meeting held on May 14 has only 18 Directors present.
  • At the June meeting, the Executive Committee passes a resolution that the Executive Board will work as a “committee of the whole” on any Civil Service matters and that Victoria Wallace will be the liaison person between the Board and the Civil Service Department. This resolution passes unanimously.


  • The officers in 1982 are President, Bob Verbesey; Secretary, Barbe Bonjour; and Treasurer, T. Brown. Zone Reps are 1. Beth Gray, 2. E. Brecha, 3. J. Zaleski, 4. Silva Lee, and 5. vacant. (In the 1982 membership list there are still no Zone 5 Directors.)
  • Bob Verbesey announces that a bill which would permit school district libraries to borrow money by means of tax anticipation notes has passed the NYS Senate and is currently tied up in the Ways and Means Committee of the Assembly.


  • President, Lyne Ashe; Vice President, Jeannine Cook; Secretary, Carroll Kelly; and Treasurer, Trudy Brown. Zone reps are: 1. Beth Gray, 2. R. Lusak, 3. Anna Davis, 3.V. Wallace, and 5. T. Gillen (representing two libraries, Babylon and W. Babylon.)
  • PLDA holds a summer cocktail reception for 6 new directors: Ann Pavlak (Amityville), Nancy Baker (Brookhaven), Bill Cicola (West Babylon), Slavka Leigh (Bellport), Dina Reilly (Hampton Bays), and Cathe Romanelli (Sachem).
  • B. Bonjour is now Director at Riverhead and becomes the Zone 1 Rep.; Cathe Romanelli becomes zone rep for Zone 2.
  • At the November meeting, Dave Clemens is introduced as the new director at Middle Island Public Library (later becomes Longwood).


  • Officers this year are President, Lyne Ashe; Vice-President, Jeannine Cook; Secretary, Trudi Brown; and Treasurer, Silva Lee.
  • In February the PLDA Civil Service Committee presented a proposed revision of Civil Service Classification of Libraries and Minimum Qualifications for Directors to take the Civil Service Exams
  • By September, T. Gillen reports that members of the Civil Service Committee have met with Mr. Greenberg who seems willing to accept the PLDA proposal to change the requirements for rating libraries.


  • This year the President is Barbe Bonjour, Secretary is Laura Farwell and Treasurer is Silva Lee. Zone reps are 1. K. Richter, 2. K. French, 3. D. Rinaldo, 4. T. Brown, and 5. C. Kelly.
  • By May there are 36 paid members of PLDA.


  • This year Tom Gillen is President, Trudi Brown is Vice President, Cathe Romanelli is Treasurer and Darlene Carter is Secretary.


  • Elaine Brecha is President; Trudy Brown, Vice President; Cathe Romanelli; Treasurer; and Dina Reilly, Secretary.


  • Cathe Romanelli is president, Slavka Leigh is secretary, and Trudy Brown is treasurer.
  • PLDA and LILRC send a joint letter to legislators asking for the following changes in library related legislation:
    • Members of the Regents Advisory Council should be elected rather than appointed. There should be regional representation among them just as there is regional representation among the Regents.
    • Libraries should not be limited to belonging to one special kind of System but should be able to hold membership in other systems. For example, public libraries should have the right to join 3R’s if they feel it is worthwhile for them to do so.
    • Direct access regulations should give more flexibility to local systems to develop their plans of service. Since there is so much variation in the library systems in NYS, recognition should be given to this variety. The systems and member libraries should be able to come up with a plan that is acceptable to everybody and that works for them.


  • This year Dave Clemens is President, Carole Simpson is Vice President, Stephanie Heineman is Treasurer, Tom Gillen is Civil Service Chair, and Jeannine Cook is Product Evaluation Chair.
  • In January, Myron Roochvarg sends a position paper to PLDA that requests changes in Commissioner’s Regulation 90.3 permitting local plans for Direct Access. PLDA endorses the position paper unanimously.
  • In July, the SCLS Board approved the appointment of PLDA President as a representative to the King Report Conference.


2024 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Fundraiser

Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Library profession. Join us for drinks in a relaxed setting on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island.


2024 Golf Outing & Banquet Dinner

Information Coming Soon....

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring library leaders
  • Friends of the Library & Library Foundation Members
  • Library Trustees & Trustees Emeritus
  • Library clerks, paraprofessionals, librarians & administrators
  • Library lovers & advocates


New Yorkers for Better Libraries (NYLIBS-PAC)

A political action committee formed in 2003 by New York library advocates who believe that increased state aid for libraries and library systems is essential so that library and information services can be sustained and improved for the people of New York.

New York Library Association (NYLA) Intellectual Freedom Roundtable

The purpose of the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable is to provide a forum for the membership of NYLA in which to exchange information, develop special educational and informational programs, and provide support for the activities of NYLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee in promoting freedom of acquisition, dissemination, and maintenance of library materials, services, and programs.

Sustainable Libraries Initiative (SLI)

SLI is an award-winning project to create leadership and provide tools to mobilize libraries to think and act sustainably.

Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors Association (PLDA)

PLDA promotes the interest of public librarianship and public library service in Suffolk County, NY and fosters the improvement of public library services, programs and procedures.



Suffolk County Public Libraries Directors’ Association, Inc.


The purpose of this Association shall be to provide opportunity for communication and cooperation through a professional organization of public library administrators; to promote the interest of public librarianship and public library service in Suffolk County; to provide a means for administrators of public libraries to participate in the determination and fulfillment of the objectives of the Suffolk Cooperative Library System; and to foster a professional relationship among its members for the improvement of public library services, programs, and procedures.


Section 1: Executive Board

a. There shall be a nine member Executive Board which shall consist of five library administrators elected by specific zones and a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected by the general membership.

b. The Director of the Suffolk Cooperative Library System shall be invited to serve on the Executive Board in a non-voting capacity.

Section 2: Election of Officers

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association shall be elected by the members at large by secret ballot and shall serve in the same position as members of the Executive Board.

Section 3: Zones

a. Suffolk County shall be divided geographically into five zones. The members of the Association in each zone shall annually

elect a representative to the Executive Board.

b. The five zones of the Association are:

Zone I: Amagansett, Baiting Hollow, Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, Cutchogue, East Hampton, Fishers Island, Floyd Memorial,

Hampton Bays, Mattituck-Laurel, Quogue, John Jermain Memorial, Riverhead, Rogers Memorial, Shelter Island, Southold,

Westhampton, and Montauk.

Zone II: Brookhaven, Center Moriches, Comsewogue, Emma S. Clark Memorial, Longwood, Mastics-Moriches-Shirley, Middle Country,

Patchogue-Medford, Port Jefferson, Sachem, North Shore, and South Country.

Zone III: Bay Shore-Brightwaters, Bayport-Blue Point, Brentwood, Central Islip, Connetquot, East Islip, Islip, Hauppauge, Sayville, and

West Islip.

Zone IV: Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Elwood, Half Hollow Hills, Harborfields, Huntington, Northport-East Northport, Smithtown, and

South Huntington.

Zone V: Amityville, Babylon, Copiague, Deer Park, Lindenhurst, North Babylon, West Babylon, and Wyandanch.

Section 4: Nominations and Elections

Notice of upcoming nominations and elections will be sent to all Association members by the Executive Board by September 15th. Any two members of the Association may nominate another member for any office. Written Nominations (including the consent of the nominee) are to be sent by paper or digitally to the Secretary by October 1st. A ballot listing all the nominees for the four offices shall be sent to each member by paper or digitally by October 15th. Ballots are to be returned to the Secretary by paper or digitally by November 1st. The ballots are to be counted and results presented by the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting which shall be scheduled during November.

In the event of a tie vote for any Association office, the members of the current Executive Board shall cast secret ballots for one of the candidates for that office.

After the November meeting but before December 15th, Association members in each zone are to meet and elect each zone representative.

Section 5: Terms of Office

Members of the Executive Board serve for two calendar years. Officers may serve no more than one consecutive term in the same office. There is no limit on the number of terms a member may serve on the Executive Board. The zone may, at its discretion, limit the number of terms an administrator may serve as its zone representative.

Section 6: Vacancies

Vacancies will be filled in the following manner: PRESIDENT will be replaced by the Vice President to serve until the next regular election. VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and TREASURER will be replaced by a member chosen by a majority of the Executive Board to serve until the next regular election. ZONE REPRESENTATIVES will be replaced by an election of the zone.


The Board shall conduct the business affairs of the Association within the framework of the Bylaws and in accordance with the policies voted by the active membership of the Association.

The Board shall act as a committee of the whole for the Association in regard to program determination and evaluation and review of all matters pertaining to the Association.

The Board shall call special meetings as necessary. The zone representatives will report on Executive Board meetings to their zones. They will report to the Executive Board on actions taken at the zone meetings.


Section 1: President

The President shall be the chief executive of the Association; shall preside over all business meetings of the Executive Board and shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the presidency; shall appoint and be ex-officio member of all committees and may call for meetings of such committees when the interests of the Association warrant such action.

Section 2: Vice President

The Vice President shall serve as Chairman of the Program Committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall serve as presiding officer at all business meetings of the Association and/or its Executive Board and perform such other duties as may be requested by the President.

Section 3: Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board; to act as corresponding secretary; to be responsible for sending notices and minutes of all meetings to members of the Association and to perform such other duties and prepare such reports as customarily pertain to the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall also identify, classify and file records and documents of the Association and to arrange for safe storage and preservation in such a manner as to make them accessible.

Section 4: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall serve as financial officer of the Association and as such, keep records, sign all checks for approved expenditures and make a monthly financial report to the Executive Board and a Yearly Report to the Association at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall also promote membership in the Association among those eligible and to establish and maintain accurate records of such membership.


Section 1: Definition of a Quorum

One-third of the membership shall be considered a quorum for regular and special meetings. A majority of the Executive Board shall be considered a quorum for Board meetings.

Section 2: Voting Procedures

The Executive Board will determine when a vote by the general membership is necessary. The vote will be by ballot. A petition by 25% of the membership will require the Executive Board to hold a general membership vote. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. A majority of those voting shall prevail. There shall be no proxy vote.

Section 3: Procedure for Executive Board Meetings

The President shall prepare and distribute an agenda for each meeting. Items on the agenda can be amended and acted upon by a majority of those present.


Section 1: Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the Association shall be: Bylaws, Programs, Salaries, Civil Service, Legislation and Fundraising.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall see that copies of the Association’s Bylaws, Statement of Purpose and Organization, and the Joint Statement of Cooperation with SCLS are available to members. The Committee will interpret the Bylaws when requested and recommend revisions of the Bylaws.

Program Committee

The Program Committee shall plan and arrange informational programs, workshops and luncheons.

Salaries Committee

The Salaries Committee will maintain a salary survey for members of the Association.

Civil Service Committee

The Civil Service Committee shall maintain communication with the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service. The Committee will recommend and encourage changes to laws, regulations and procedures which are in the interest of the Association.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee will keep PLDA informed of Legislation which affects the interest of PLDA. The Committee shall communicate with elected officials to support the purposes of PLDA.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will lead the board in efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the PLDA.

Section 2: Special Committees

The Board shall create advisory or special committees as needed and coordinate the work of such committees.

Section 3: Membership

a. All chairpersons and voting members of committees must be members of the Association.

b. Each zone will be given an opportunity to participate on all committees.


Section 1: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year.

Section 2: Membership Qualifications

Members of this Association will consist of the chief administrative officer of each public library in Suffolk County who have paid their dues. Dues shall be paid on January 1st of each year. Members who have not paid their dues by March 1st of the calendar year shall be dropped from the membership roll.

Section 3: Establishment of Dues

By September of each year, the Executive Board shall review the current dues structure and recommend to the membership any necessary changes. The membership shall vote by written ballot on all changes to the current dues structure recommended by the Executive Board.


Section 1: General Association Meetings

Regular general membership meetings of the Association must be held on a semiannual basis. A petition of 25% of the membership will require the Executive Board to call additional meetings. Notices of all meetings, must be made by the Executive Board in advance of the meeting. Meetings shall be open to all members of the Association and those invited by the Executive Board.

Section 2: Zone Meetings

Members of the Association in each zone shall meet on a regular basis with their zone representative to the Executive Board.

Section 3: Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board will meet on a regular basis, a minimum of six times a year. Meetings of the Executive Board are open to Association membership. If a Board member shall fail to attend two (2) consecutive regular meetings without acceptable excuse, the Executive Board shall notify the zone members, who may at their discretion, recall their representative and elect a replacement as per ARTICLE II, Section 6. Officers who miss two (2) consecutive meetings without acceptable excuse shall no longer be eligible to serve in that office. The office shall be considered vacant and shall be filled as per ARTICLE II, Section 6.


The Bylaws Committee shall propose bylaws amendment(s) to the Executive Board for approval The Executive Board upon approval of the amendment(s) with put forth a vote to the membership. The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Association members. Notice of a vote on an amendment shall be sent to each member by paper or digitally at least two weeks in advance of the vote. All ballots on amending the Bylaws shall be distributed and returned by paper or digitally. The ballots will be counted and results presented by the Executive Board at the meeting following the closing and count of ballots.

Revised November 19, 2002

Revised May 17, 2016

Revised July 17, 2019